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UNITED FRONT CANADA [UFC] is a Multi-faith Organization, Established in 2005. UFC provided a platform to Muslim and non-Muslim organizations to work on common interest and goals, supported by more than 75 Organizations. UFC strives for safeguarding moral values, divine principles, advocating for Children, and Educating Canadians to build stronger Canadian Communities.

Then UFC was supported by more than 75 Organizations, which represented over a million Canadians from all faiths, ethnicity and walks of life, and fills a void in the Muslim community by networking and supporting organizations that believe in sovereignty of God (Allah), and promoting the common goals of peace, justice, respect, moral values, and equality based on divine principles.

In its first three months of operation, UFC quickly mobilized the platform through which many leading organizations and faith groups focused and spearheaded initiatives to campaign against same sex marriage Bill C-38. Since then, we have planned and successfully executed many town hall meetings, rallies, seminars, symposiums and press conferences against many issues of concerns to Muslims and faith-groups, such as hate crime Bill C-250, abolishing Faith Based Arbitration Bill, Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide, legalization of sex clubs, Danish cartoon controversy, job fair and more.

UFC team of dedicated volunteers are engaged in long-term strategy and planning to combat anti-divine principles, bigotry, terrorism, and racism in Canada and abroad. Our aim is to empower Canadian families of diverse backgrounds and interests, and to speak on their behalf on key concerns and issues.

UFC will create an environment for working together to disseminate core values widely, and play our role in building a model society in Canada to provide a respectful, timely, and unbiased platform for open constructive dialog about Muslims and their place in Canadian society.

UFC will provide Muslim Canadian perspective on issues and problems faced by Canadians and worldwide Muslims.

UFC recognizes freedom of thought and expression to be the fundamental right of every human, within the bounds of prescribed state laws and moral principles.

UFC considers the stability of the family to be the bedrock of society. The institution of family alone guarantees continuity of the human race and is the natural institution that produces upright individuals in a society. There is no substitute for this; therefore, we reject every attempt, ideology or action that undermines this fundamental institution. Accordingly, we reject all claims in the name of personal freedom that promote a way of life that undermines or destroys this natural institution.

UFC considers the duty of every individual to sincerely strive to give back in some form and even in greater measure to the society the services and favours that he/she has received from it. We also believe that every person is responsible for preparing able successors to become upright citizens of society for its continued development and growth.

UFC believes, teaching moral values and to impart knowledge of respect and proper etiquettes to the younger generation is the responsibility of the parents, elders, and wise of the society. We therefore consider reasonable authority of the elders over the youngsters to be an essential requirement for the smooth functioning of the society. We strongly disagree with Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum

Currently UFC is devoting on working with most active faith and Muslim groups to protest Sex-Ed Curriculum; writing to politicians, educate parents and provide viable alternate systems to educate their children.


"Afraad Key Haathhon Mein Haiey Aqwaam ki Taqdeer Har Fard Haiey Millat Key Muqaddar Ka Sitaara"

"Destiny of community is in the hands of individuals"

"Every human being is the star of the Nation's future" - Poet Allama Iqbal